On October 25th 2015, under the auspices of Oslo-based Partnership for ChangeCitizens’ Climate Lobby will convene a globally-networked discussion on the impact of climate change on communities, the role of citizens in driving change and the catalytic solutions to securing the livable climate future. 

This initiative is the first in a series of dialogues that will establish a process connecting citizens to decision-makers, to ensure that what starts in Paris reaches all people and results in real, sustained, and successful outcomes for people and the climate. This dialogue series will lead up to the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

The October 25th Day of Dialogue will include:

  • Interactive plenary discussion with experts and participants around the world;
  • Sessions featuring leadership from around the Twin Cities;
  • Working groups focused on six work-streams;
  • Discussion of the outcomes of work-streams in plenary session;
  • Foundational meeting of the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network.

Sunday, October 25, is your opportunity to participate in the creation of a new global network of partners, working locally to empower citizens, strengthen government action on climate, and drive needed solutions across the world. Outcomes from the 25th will inform a high-level Chatham House rules dialogue on Monday, October 26, featuring leaders from business, government, advocacy, and scholarship.

Global Citizen Engagement on the World We Want

The UN Millennium Campaign has invited Citizens’ Climate Lobby to bring the Pathway to Paris project to their World We Want platform. So, you can now join a globally networked engagement on climate policy at

We have now launched a global e-discussion on citizen engagement. The headline question is: 

How can sustained citizen engagement improve both policy choice and human outcomes?

There are many challenges for institutions in sustaining direct citizen participation. There are also many success stories. Please share both challenges and successes, as well as your vision for how sustained citizen engagement can improve both policy choice and human and environmental outcomes. CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE

A full toolkit [PDF] for running Pathway to Paris working sessions will go out to partners across the world, through the UN system, in June, so we can begin to build an always-active Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network.

This is Not a Game

LOGO-COP20-VERTICAL-v2.png2015 will be a year of unprecedented climate action.

The process set in motion by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is not a debate about opinions, not rudimentary guesswork, not idle speculation; in short, it is not a game. The work of charting a course toward a low-carbon economy that avoids dangerous climate disruption is a cooperative global effort to solve the most pervasive, costly, and threatening problem we have faced, as a species. Getting the solutions right will give us the possibility of a livable future for human civilization; failing will severely stress our ability to do so. [Keep reading...]

Check in with our blog for regular updates on what's happening. Click here to read our event reports from Lima. 

How Citizens are Co-Producing a More Vibrant Policy Future

The idea that citizens have a role to play in helping policy-makers to create good outcomes is now taking hold, as is the idea that government without citizen participation is not really as legitimate as government that is co-produced by citizens engaged in the process. At the IMF's session on Ethics and Finance, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for a new kind of leadership. He said financial and political leaders need to exhibit "heroism in the classical sense," which he described as a kind of othercentered understanding of leadership as service and which "leads to human flourishing." 


This is how Citizens' Climate Lobby, the Pathway to Paris coalition and engaged policy-makers are co-creating an ever wider consensus on carbon pricing and our climate future. Click here to learn more.

Announcing the Pathway to Paris Coalition


Read the Full Report... As impacts from global climate change gather force and escalate, a network of partners across the world is looking to secure an effective agreement in Paris, at the end of 2015, to stave off catastrophic climate disruption. The "bundle of everything" strategy for global treaty negotiations has not given us a true global solution. So, Citizens' Climate Lobby is launching an initiative to bring stakeholders into the process of decision-making, build connections between organizations, governments, individuals and enterprise, and mount a coalition effort to secure an agreement to motivate carbon pricing country by country that follows these standards: 

  • A steady, resolute and rising carbon price.
  • Internalizing costs incrementally, steadily and with no leakage.
  • Simple, transparent, effective at reducing emissions.
  • Building economic value at the human scale.
  • Easy to implement: country by country, harmonizing across borders.

By adopting standards that allow each country to move forward and price carbon efficiently, in the way most suited to its context, we can build consensus on the wisdom of pricing carbon and so build momentum for the transformational innovations in business, technology, culture and society, that will allow us to move away from the trap of energy-producing resources that erode all other values. Click here for the full report