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    Our Project Action Teams

    In support of our efforts to involve you directly in the COP21 Paris climate conference and build an ongoing, worldwide Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network (CCEN), we have formed a series of Action Teams. You can read about each team's responsibilities here, and scroll down to volunteer for any of those that are currently open:

    Calendar and Events Team

    The Calendar and Events Team will focus on building the most robust interaction possible with the web of events, negotiations, discussions, webinars, that form the calendar leading up to the COP21 in Paris, and which provide opportunities to engage with the issues and the points of leverage which will be instrumental to achieving a strong outcome in Paris.

    Some of the basic responsibilities will be managing the content and design of the calendar representing the Pathway to Paris process and related projects across the world. The primary work product is the comprehensive Climate Engagement Calendar

    CCEN Design Team

    The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network Design Team is an informal advisory group of committed, experienced partners, from many different sectors related to the policy-making process, the management of non-profit organizations, and the promotion of citizen engagement. This informal Action Team will work in parallel to other design efforts being done through a wider network of partners from around the world. If you would like to know more about this or suggest some ideas for consideration, please share your thoughts here

    COP21 Logistics Team

    Our COP21 Logistics Team is responsible for making sure we get useful information and supporting resources to volunteers and partners. Key responsibilities include:

    • Information about housing, travel to Paris and transit options
    • Resource kit for volunteers on the ground in Paris
    • Coordinating volunteer assignments in Paris
    • Supporting our Workstreams operation (see below)

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    Core Planning Team

    Our Core Planning Team meets once a week to run through all of the details of the work these action teams are doing, and to help coordinate the overall project. This team is by invitation only, but you can join, if you are working to support our overall effort and one or more of our action teams.

    Database Team

    Our Database Team works to facilitate the most efficient and dynamic management of our coalition teams and relationships. Information is used only for purposes intended by those sharing their information, and our Database Team supports both secure management of information and also communications between and among supporters working together on projects.

    Media Team

    Our Media Team helps to coordinate relationships with content producers, media outlets, and to build the technical capacity we will need to help people from around the world be part of our activities in Paris, during the COP21.

    Technology Team

    Our Technology Team is responsible for both the long-term end-user functionality of the website, and also of the interface we will use during the COP21 to allow the most user-friendly action-oriented experience, through this site, on the various devices people will be using. Some of this work overlaps with each of the other teams, and the Website Team will also be responsible for coordinating the connections between the technical requirements of specific tasks and the unique informational needs of the various teams and partners.

    Workstreams Team

    The Paris Workstreams are the teams that will manage the flow of information throughout and across the Pathway to Paris network, during the COP21. Each Workstream will be focused on a specific issue area or policy objective (examples would be: Carbon Pricing, Climate Finance, Clean Water, Forestry, Intergenerational Ethics, Environmental Justice, Trade Policy, etc.). The Workstreams will be comprised of partners inside the COP21, volunteers around Paris, and teams of volunteers around the world. These issue-focused teams will share responsibilities, so they can work around the clock, coordinating with partner organizations, and with our network, to produce the most detailed possible visualization of the political landscape of the negotiations.

    Our Worksteams Team works to support both the hosting of our 2015 Pathway to Paris Working Sessions, and the development of the Workstreams that will emerge from that process.

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    Host a Local Meeting for Minneapolis 2015

    If you would like to host a satellite event, and participate in Minneapolis 2015 from any corner of the world, we will be facilitating this kind of remote participation.

    Select local meetings will have an opportunity to speak to the full Plenary Session, and all of the Dialogue Sessions will include ways for viewing, following or joining the discussion through social media.

    We want your voice to be part of this day of dialogue.

    To receive detailed instructions about how to participate remotely in Minneapolis 2015, please fill out this form, and make sure to include a comment below describing your focus, your interest, and any questions you might have, as we get started building up to your local event. 

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